Can Technology Reduce Motor Vehicle Accidents?

In every one of our motor vehicle accident cases one of the fundamental questions that must be answered is, “Who was at fault?” Usually, any case accident analysis would typically point to one of the operators of the vehicles involved in the accident. That paradigm has now changed. The recent involvement of both Tesla and Uber self-driving cars in fatal accidents have stimulated open debate about the safety and long term viability of autonomous vehicles. An obvious question to ask…

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Is Neonatal Head Circumference Related to Cerebral Palsy?

A study recently published in Obstetrics and Gynecology International has found a correlation between the size of the cranium (the baby’s head circumference) of infants born at full term and the incidence of cerebral white matter damage (WMD), a condition known to be related to developmental delay and cerebral palsy in childhood. The study indicates the possible need for a change in the observation and management of seemingly asymptomatic newborns who have suffered head trauma during delivery resulting in excessive…

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Special Considerations for the Representation of Injured Children in the Birth Injury Case

Assuming the responsibility of representing of a child afflicted with a birth injury presents unique challenges for even the experienced trial attorney. Given the potential pitfalls and often extraordinary costs associated with litigating a complex birth injury case, it is generally wise for the inexperienced attorney or an attorney unfamiliar with the myriad complexities associated with birth-injury litigation to consider partnering with counsel who has proven experience. Mastering the birth injury case requires a fundamental understanding by the birth injury…

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