Information Privacy & Protection Policy

The privacy and protection of your personal information and the content of your medical records is important to us at Dugan, Babij, Tolley & Kohler, LLC. To allow us to adequately represent your interests, it will be necessary for us to obtain certain information, typically including your medical records, that might contain personal or private information or which otherwise might be subject to your privacy concerns. By using our website,, and/or by engaging the services of our firm, you are accepting the provisions detailed below as described in this Policy.

Privacy Protection and Security

We at Dugan, Babij, Tolley & Kohler, LLC follow recognized and accepted standards for law firms designed to reasonably protect the personal and private information submitted to us by our clients. Such information will not be provided to any third parties unrelated to our investigation of our clients ‘claims or to any prospective litigation brought on behalf of our clients. Dugan, Babij, Tolley & Kohler, LLC will never sell or provide the personal or private information of our clients to any third parties who have no legal right or authority to obtain such information.

We abide by the standard and accepted practices of law firms designed to protect and ensure the security of our clients’ personal and private information whenever we are required to communicate such information to others as part of our investigation or during any prospective litigation brought on behalf of our clients.

Website Links to Other Websites

For your convenience, our website may include links to other websites that may provide you with additional information on topics of interest or concern. Dugan, Babij, Tolley & Kohler, LLC is not responsible for the privacy and/or protection policies and practices of those other sites to which our website may be linked. If you have any concerns or questions about the protection or privacy policies of any such linked websites, you should direct your inquiries to the appropriate Privacy Administrator of such sites and/or refer to any available privacy and protection statements or policies on each such website.


By using our website, you may be providing us with certain information that might otherwise be considered personal or private. By doing so, you consent to our collection and use of any personal or private information provided to allow us to respond to your inquiries, to investigate your potential claims and, ultimately, to represent you in any prospective litigation. We will always endeavor to reasonably ensure that our privacy and protection policy and practices are in accord with those adopted and implemented by the legal profession. If you should have any questions about any privacy or protection concerns, or about the privacy or protection policy and practices of Dugan, Babij, Tolley & Kohler, LLC, please contact us at (800) 408-2080.